Wednesday, July 14, 2010

CSA Meals - Week 8

I've noticed myself making bigger dishes with more than one CSA ingredient in an effort to turn the stove and/or oven on less.  Week 8 was very similar. 

For dinner on Thursday I made tuna salad with leftover corn, chopped tomato, cucumber, feta, sweet peppers, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil.  Unfortunately I forgot to add basil and parsley, but there was enough flavor and texture from the fresh vegetables that we didn't miss them. 

Davy shoveled his with tortilla chips, which turned out to be the superior method and one I copied later.  This salad provided a hearty snack on Saturday afternoon amidst some intense home renovation, and also as a substantial lunch on Monday. 

To kick off the house project weekend (thank you Shannon and John!), I put together Rachael Ray's "Not-sagna Pasta Toss" on Friday night.  I was able to use CSA garlic and onions, and the farm-grown onions definitely made a difference in the end result.  They have a more pronounced texture and sweeter flavor, which paired very well with the pasta, ground meat (I substituted turkey for beef), and tomato sauce.  This recipe says that it will serve four, but I fed it to four healthy eaters with a side of broccoli, and we still had almost half of the dish left. 

I used the last onion and two beautiful zucchinis in a frittata on Saturday morning, and more of the garlic in venison tacos on Monday night.  After two rounds of tacos, there's at least another dinner's worth still in the fridge.  Unfortunately I had to give the fennel bulb up to the compost barrel, but the only other item left is a little bit of garlic, which will probably stick around for awhile as I continue to avoid my stove and oven.

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