Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Local Produce News

We renewed our membership to the Fertile Crescent CSA. Unfortunately, the farm from which our providers procured eggs is closing for a year and we will not receive eggs on a regular basis. Fertile Crescent will offer some eggs on request.

I discovered the Edible Garden winter season co-op (late - it began in November) and am going to begin buying produce from local farms probably after the new year begins. Stay tuned!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Autumn Highlights

Even though we're a few weeks from December 21st, the days after Thanksgiving always give way to feelings of winter holidays. It's the only time of year that flies by as quic
kly as wedding season. I wanted to mention a few of the delicious items I've eaten and made in the past few months:

  • A roast chicken using the same recipe as last time - it sits in the fridge overnight with salt and pepper on the skin and rosemary and/or thyme tucked under the skin.
  • We had a few meals out of it, including the leftover dark meat mixed with sauteed zucchini and garlic as a pizza topping.
  • I made an apple pie from the 3+ pounds of apples Davy and I picked at Carter Mountain Orchard. It seems that my apple pie making occurs yearly, and I use the same recipe every fall (deep dish, crumb topping).
  • For months I'd been craving a meatball sub, and I finally had the perfect opportunity to fulfill it at 8 1/2 a month ago. It was hearty, topped with legitimately Italian tomato sauce and an appropriate amount of melted cheese.
  • I ran a half marathon in mid-November and indulged in several treats for the next few days, including a cinnamon ice cream cone from Bev's, Zeus Gallery's melting chocolate cake, and a cupcake from Captain Buzzy's Beanery. I don't know what it is about the cupcakes there that make them so alluring, but this one was yellow cake with mini chocolate chips and a healthy topping of cold chocolate frosting. I'm still thinking about it.
  • Another dessert that I couldn't get out of my head was the Chocolate Cinnamon Cream Pie from the November issue of Gourmet. Luckily my family let me make it for Thanksgiving (a picture of the spread is above, the pie is below) and it won't haunt me again for a few months at least.
Hopefully I'll post again before another season has past. Happy Holidays!