Tuesday, November 09, 2010

CSA Meals - Finale

I have been putting off writing the last CSA post because I'm still not ready for it to be over.  Luckily, I still have a bag of potatoes and butternut squash left from the share, and we did pretty well with the final two weeks of produce.

Davy and I used the remaining tomatoes to make a fresh sauce with chicken sausage to eat with pasta.  We ate sliced cucumbers with several dinners, or as an afternoon snack with hummus.  

I went to Yellow Umbrella, a seafood shop, for the first time a few weeks ago, and we picked out a nice piece of red snapper to grill at home.  It was seasoned very simply with olive oil, pepper flakes, salt, pepper, and lemon juice.

Davy and I also made a trip to Tan-A to stock up on Sriracha and buy some ingredients for fish fragrant eggplant.  It was fun trying new flavor combinations, and I can honestly say that I would make this again and like it. There was a lot of spice in the dish, and the only mistake I made was tossing some rice noodles and edamame in the wok when the eggplant was finished.  The noodles absorbed a lot of the sauce and were intensely spicy.  They calmed down after a few days, but in the future I would probably just eat the eggplant with plain rice. 

We cleaned out our fridge a little bit more on Saturday with a chicken sausage, sweet pepper, green tomato green onion, and queso fresco frittata.  

A few nights later we made a fried rice dish, loosely based on a Cooking Light recipe, with chicken and edamame.  The black sesame seeds were one of my superfluous Tan-A purchases, and they added a nice crunch to the rice, as well as color.

The CSA may have ended for this year, but it has, as in the past, inspired me to patronize independent shops and buy more local food...especially now that eggplant season is over.