Wednesday, September 24, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 17

While I was looking back over the food Davy and I ate this week, I realized that making use of our produce has gotten to be less of a hassle. We ate a few meals out (Mom's Siam, Kitchen 64, Popeye's, and Comfort) and still managed to eat a lot of the week's share. The only items remaining are some cherry tomatoes, which took awhile to ripen, and the beautiful butternut squash, which can keep for a month or longer.

The apples were just as good this week as last week. I ate them for my morning snack on Wednesday and Thursday. It's hard for me to get sick of apples, but eventually I might try an apple crisp or something with them.

On Wednesday night I roasted eggplants and tomatoes and mixed them into brown rice with a poached egg. It was a simple and hearty meal, and satisfying because it seemed so healthy.

Sometimes I crave something in particular or want to try a recipe, but whatever the food is doesn't necessarily fit into the meat-starch-vegetable dinner format. Thursday night, Davy and I knew that we wanted some sort of dip and shrimp but we didn't know exactly how to prepare them. We ended up making a chickpea dip and shrimp fra diavolo. We ate the dip with the delicious, sweet peppers from our share, cucumber sticks, and pita chips. The shrimp fra diavolo, pictured below, was easy to make and was especially tasty with tomatoes from the farm.

Friday started out well, with an apple for my morning snack, leftover shrimp and chickpea dip for lunch. After that, takeout and eating at Kitchen 64 won out over the soup I made Friday evening. Soup gets better with time anyway, so I didn't feel too bad waiting until Saturday to have the tomato, white beans, and greens soup for dinner. The greens - two types of kale and broccoletti - were the right amount of spicy to cut through the creamy beans and tangy tomato.

Sunday's brunch mimicked the poached egg and brown rice combination from earlier in the week, but I mixed leftover red wine shallot sauce with it instead of eggplant and tomato. The half cantaloupe I ate with the meal was sweeter and more interesting than last week's melon.

The same can be said for the white watermelon we got, which I ate Monday and Tuesday mornings before lunch. We had another round of soup Monday night with a nice baguette from Can Can.

I'm going to try to find a good use for my ripe cherry tomatoes in the next couple days, with thoughts of butternut squash still swirling around in my head.

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