Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 16

One of the big differences this week was the arrival of fruit in our share. Apples, watermelon, and cantaloupe marked the shift in seasons and were a welcome change of pace. The white watermelon was sweet and more flavorful than the last one we got. Unfortunately the cantaloupe was very small, and only a few bites of its flesh were edible. The ones I did get were fresh and delicious, but it's the apples that really made my week.

Virginia continually lets me down with the quality of its apples (compared to Pennsylvania), but the two I ate from the farm were wonderful. I tasted some variation in the flavors - one was more tart - but both had smooth skins and a crisp texture. I tried the fruit by itself and then with peanut butter for my afternoon snack on Wednesday and Thursday.

I had to take advantage of the spinach on Tuesday since it's one of my favorite items and doesn't keep as well as some of the other vegetables. We sauteed it with garlic and homegrown Thai peppers, and ate it with grilled mahi mahi and rice.

For lunch on Wednesday, I had the leftover fish in a salad with tomatoes and sunflower seeds. We grilled again that night: chicken, peppers and onions. The other half of the rice served as our starch, and we nibbled on the greens after they had been boiled for a few minutes, sauteed with garlic and olive oil, and sprinkled with lemon juice.

Salad was a common feature in my meals last week. I utilized the leftover chicken in a salad with tomatoes and sunflower seeds once again on Thursday at lunchtime. Before I went to dinner at 3 Monkeys, I scarfed down the rest of the greens from the night before.

After the past week, the only produce remaining is a handful of cherry tomatoes. I've been reading a lot about roasting tomatoes, so I might try that in the next few days. Otherwise, I'm ready for more apples!

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