Wednesday, August 20, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 12

I'm not the type of cook who has every available ingredient in my kitchen at the front of my mind. If I put something away and out of sight, I'll often forget about it for extended periods of time.

Early in the week I pulled some forgotten chimichurri sauce out of the freezer to roll with flank steak. A few spoonfuls of Trader Joe's olive bruschetta mix came out of cabinet hibernation to spice up le
ftover pasta, and a small cube of feta flavored some green beans and tomatoes (pictured). It could be that I'm subconsciously trying to make the same food taste a little different, or maybe I'm getting smarter. Either way, some exciting meals happened this week.

On Tuesday we had leftover grilled flank steak, corn from the Byrd Market, and the steamed green beans I mentioned above with feta, cherry tomatoes, lemon juice, and herbed olive oil. They were also delicious as an afternoon snack on Wednesday.

Lunch that day was pasta with tomato sauce and sauteed spinach, and for dinner Davy and I grilled chicken and thin slices of eggplant. I tossed the eggplant with pesto and olive oil, which made it very appealing compared to other preparations I've tried. Sauteed zucchini and squash, as well as corn on the cob, completed the meal.

On Thursday I was in transit to Pennsylvania, but when I got there I made a quick dish out of a small eggplant, sweet peppers, and tomatoes. They were cooked with garlic, olive oil, white wine, pesto, and fresh basil, and eaten over pasta. I would eat eggplant that way again too.

The watermelon was white on the inside and had less flavor than the past few we've gotten. It was still juicy and crunchy, and tasted great on Friday morning.

After a long weekend of wedding food and quick snacks, I heated up the leftover zucchini and squash with pasta for dinner on Monday. The olive mixture was a wonderful addition to the dish without overwhelming the other flavors. I'm looking forward to eating the other half of the pasta for lunch, and trying some different dishes next week!

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