Thursday, August 14, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 11

Even though Davy and I came back to Richmond on Wednesday and didn't start in on our share until Thursday, we still managed to eat everything before our next round of produce.

The watermelon turned out to be juicy and sweet, and it was a great mid-morning snack on the first day back to work. Cucumber and tomato salad found its way into the lineup once again as a snack on Thursday afternoon. For dinner that night, we made a salad with potatoes from a few weeks ago, green beans, and leftover chicken from a delicious meal at Edo's Squid. I got a bag of arugula from Ellwood Thompson's (grown locally) to go with the other ingredients, and it was wonderfully spicy and fresh.

The salad was refreshing the next day for lunch with additional arugula and more of the lemon, parsley and mustard dressing we mixed with it the night before.

My parents came for a quick visit over the weekend, so I used two of our precious farm eggs to make banana and banana chocolate chip bread. Davy and I used two more for breakfast - on a bagel sandwich for him and scrambled with leftover arugula for me.

We were eating in preparation for the crab feast in Mechanicsville, which was just as amazing as last year's event. By the evening, after indulging in Bev's and beers from Commercial Taphouse, everyone collapsed on the couch to watch the Olympics. Luckily my trusty cucumber and tomato salad was around for us to dip pita chips in as a snack.

Sunday's brunch was similar to Saturday's, but my egg was fried and eaten on top of toast with sauteed arugula. For dinner, Davy and I grilled zucchini, squash and sweet peppers, then tossed them in pesto thinned with olive oil. I also attempted to make eggplant fries, which were decent but should have been crispier. Bread and cheese rounded out our meal.

For lunch on Monday we had pasta with fresh tomatoes and pesto, plus the leftover grilled vegetables. This weekend I will be out of town again, so stay tuned to hear how I try to eat and preserve everything in just two days.

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