Friday, August 08, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 10

It's hard to believe the first half of the share is done! It's also hard to believe that there are ten more weeks of eggs and vegetables coming my way. There's a lot to look forward to, including the green beans I blanched and froze for cooler weather, and the four tomatoes I skinned and seeded to save for sauce.

On Tuesday a leftover Mary Angela's pizza had cucumber and tomato salad to keep it company. Wednesday was another quick meal for kickball night: zucchini and squash sauteed with garlic, then combined with pasta and a little crumbled feta that melted nicely into the warm pasta and vegetables.

I ate more cucumber and tomato salad on Thursday (I'm still not sick of it), and for dinner we grilled burgers and peppers and onions. My burger was garnished with some of the peppers and onions, salsa, and a poached egg.

Friday, the day before we went out of town, I had the remaining pasta with zucchini for lunch, and the last of the cucumber and tomato salad. Somehow we managed to finish almost everything in three days (besides the beets, which I handed over to Shannon). Now I just have to find a good use for my tomatoes.

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