Thursday, June 17, 2010

Impromptu Sandwiches, Stuzzi, and Roasted Chicken

Three things:

1.  Davy makes killer sandwiches, especially when we need to clean out the fridge.  For dinner last Sunday, he used a piece of chicken breast, rosemary, parsley, feta, mayonnaise and bacon to make a vibrant chicken salad.  With CSA cucumber and salad mix, plus a homegrown tomato, his dinner was attractive and delectable.

2. We tried the newly opened pizza place, Stuzzi, on Monday night (after a failed attempt to get in when it was packed on Saturday).  It's hot, and loud, but was ideal for a quick, relatively inexpensive dinner before Davy had to go to band practice.  To start, we ordered an arugula salad with shaved parmesan and fried mozzarella, both of which were reasonably priced and heartily portioned.  Our margherita pizza didn't floor me, but I thought it was decent and it's nice to have a different type of pizza place in Richmond.

3. I finally thawed my chicken from Ault's Family Farm and tried a new recipe: "Jacques Pepin's Quick-Roasted Chicken," originally adapted from Food and Wine.  I did have to battle with the bird to cut its backbone out, but for the most part, it was extremely easy to put this dish together.  This is also the only time I've ever followed a recipe closely and the cooking time was accurate for my oven, which makes me more inclined to prepare another chicken with this method.  It cooks in thirty-five minutes, rests for five, and the results are wonderful.  I'm looking forward to incorporating chicken into upcoming meals this week.

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