Wednesday, July 01, 2009

CSA Week 6

July has already been a complete whirlwind, so it's surprising that were still going through our veggies at a steady pace. I think I ate basil in everything this week because there was so much of it and it gives everything an extra flavor punch.

On Tuesday I made a tuna salad (tuna packed in olive oil is a must) with white beans, red onion and basil. I had it for lunch the following day with a whole wheat pita and a big pile of spicy arugula.

We had friends over on Thursday night to see the new house - I haven't cooked there yet but I can't wait for the gas stove. I used the last of our venison sausage provisions in an earthy risotto with chard and roasted carrots and green beans. Roasting the vegetables bought out the beans' carrots' sweetness even more. I forgot to add the vermouth at the beginning, but there was enough of a flavor variety that I didn't even miss it.

Friday was a long-awaited holiday, and we celebrated by making hash browns, scrambled eggs, and an arugula salad with sweet pepper and pine nuts. It's amazing how fresh, homemade hash browns taste compared to stale, artificial restaurant potatoes. That evening I roasted some of Shannon's homegrown zucchini and squash with fennel and onion from the share for a pasta salad. I combined the vegetables with lemon zest, basil, feta, and a simple dressing to finish it off Saturday morning before the Fourth of July cookout.

My pizza from Friday's dinner at 3 Monkeys was the perfect easy meal for Sunday night with an arugula salad. On Monday I indulged in another simple dinner with more of the tuna salad, arugula, and pita. I also snacked on some of the sauteed green cabbage I decided to make that night while I had some spare time. It was savory and spicy with the addition of a little sesame oil, soy sauce, garlic, and Thai peppers, and it ended up being an appealing snack on Tuesday as well.

I was off pick up duty on Tuesday and used the rest of the basil from the previous week's share to make a basil vinaigrette. It's reminiscent of pesto, but lighter due to the added tang of vinegar and the absence of cheese. I finished off the cabbage and sauteed some chicken with garlic to eat with the vinaigrette and leftover pasta.

Between summer activities and trying to clean out the kitchen before moving, I've managed to come up with some decent meals. Hopefully the trend can continue as we pack and move our equipment to a new setting with a fancy gas stove.

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