Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Grocery Bag's Full

Standing below the shade of Fertile Crescent Farm's tent, I watched in shock as the contents of the brown bag I got to take home kept increasing.  Along with the weekly half dozen of eggs, I was also entitled to:

- several stems of basil

- the last of the season's radishes

- baby turnips

- a cluster of small orange carrots

- a healthy looking bunch of swiss chard (red and green)

- green beans

- a tiny head of garlic

- red and yellow spring onions

- two yellow squash

- an heirloom zucchini

- an eight ball zucchini (spherical in shape)

- small cucumber

- heirloom cucumber (yellow and also spherical)

I left the Byrd Market feeling very fortunate and excited about this week's share.

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