Tuesday, June 03, 2008


The first share from our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) arrives today at the Byrd Market, and I can't wait! We are supposed to get six fresh eggs, and half portions of each item on the following list:

· one bag of arugula

· one bag of mescaline mix

· one head of an heirloom variety of lettuce, either Rossimo Red, Jericho, Buttercrunch, or Freckles

· One bunch of Kale, either Red Russian, Lacinato, or Winter Bor

· one bunch of a mix of Asian greens—Prize Choy (a pak choy), Mizuna (spicy), and Fun Jen Chinese cabbage, a great mix for a stir fry

· sugar snaps

· Radish

· garlic scapes (according to our supplier, garlic scapes "are the firm, round seed stems that grow from the garlic as the bulbs size up. The lower portion is the most tender, but the entire scape is edible and can be used like a scallion.")

Stay tuned for more about the produce!

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