Sunday, June 08, 2008

CSA Meals - Week 1

I was afraid that with a grocery bag full of vegetables I wouldn't be able to use everything in a week, though it turned out to be easier than I expected. The first dinner, a recipe adapted from 101 Cookbooks, used all of the kale. I also sauteed the sugar snap peas in a little sesame oil and added a few sesame seeds at the end. Both the kale and the peas were unbelievably fresh, and I was able to reserve half of the rice mixture for another dinner and lunch.

The instructions were clear enough that I was able to achieve poached eggs, and I learned that they only need a few minutes as some of them turned out more well done than I would have preferred. I could definitely tell the difference between the farm eggs we got in our share and regular grocery store eggs. They were richer in taste and color.

For two of my weekday lunches I ate a tuna, red onion and white bean salad with handfuls of the mescaline mix. It was firmer and help up better than bagged salad. The remainder of the mescaline was mixed with some leaves of the baby lettuce, and the lettuce will be finished tonight in a salad.

On Wednesday we made Pad Thai and substituted garlic scapes for the scallions. They were mild and sweet, and complimented the dish nicely. The last of our half dozen eggs also went into the Pad Thai, and I could easily see the yellower yolk when it was finished. The stir fry mix - prize choy, mizuna, and Fun Jen Chinese Cabbage - accompanied dinner. It was sauteed with some sesame oil and soy sauce, and finished with sesame seeds (yes, I'm on a sesame kick at the moment).

Now that it's Monday again I am eagerly awaiting the next newsletter and list of produce from the farm!

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