Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ice Cream News

This probably isn't exciting or new to most people, but Turkey Hill makes a line of light ice cream that surpasses Edy's and (I hate to say it) Breyer's varieties. I tried the Light Recipe Extreme Cookies 'N Cream over the weekend and it is rich and chocolatey. It's chocolate ice cream with pieces of chocolate cookies and a fudgy cookie swirl. That was essentially what was written on the carton, and the ice cream definitely lived up to its description.

A Ben & Jerry's is slowly being built in Carytown, just a few doors down from my beloved Bev's in a former laundromat. The laundromat went out of business months ago, so I'm not sure why Ben & Jerry's didn't get moving and convert the building in time for prime ice cream months. Maybe they're afraid. And they should be - a Ben & Jerry's shop used to reside in a different Carytown location, but it couldn't stand up to Bev's back then. With any luck, it won't be able to now either.

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