Wednesday, July 25, 2007

A New Beginning?

I'll admit I've been stuck in a Thai food rut for several months. Mom's Siam is the closest eatery to my apartment, and their takeout orders are ready and hot after 5 minutes. Anytime I'm walking to or from Carytown, the tantalizing aromas of fish sauce and hot oil evoke a craving for Pad See Ew (a wide noodle dish with chicken and broccoli) or Pad Prik King (creamy red curry with green beans and chicken). This wouldn't be nearly as pathetic except that there are four Thai restaurants in Carytown, two of which I've never even tried. Last weekend I decided it was time to branch out, so Davy and I made the difficult ten minute walk to Ginger.

Small yet tasteful and attractive, the restaurant has a lovely patio for outdoor dining, which was of course unavailable on a Friday night around 7:30. The interior is full with tables, although I didn't feel crowded, and that's a tricky balance. I only noticed two female servers, but they were quick and efficient in meeting customers' needs. Our crab rangoons, crispy dumplings filled with tasty crab meat, were a light and pleasant start to the meal. I ordered lemongrass chicken, which had a subtle tanginess that didn't overwhelm the tender chicken or fresh vegetables. Ginger's Pad Thai is served with lime and peanuts on the side, which is a thoughtful approach for those who like fewer or more nuts. The dish was excellent and not at all greasy, and both meals left plenty for another dinner.

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