Thursday, July 19, 2007


This will be brief, but my dinner at Can Can last night was absolutely exquisite. It started with their $3 fondue (perfect for two people to share) and soft slices of dark flat bread to dip in it. All of the breads there are fantastic, and the server brings a generous basket to the table after everyone has ordered.

My meal was Roasted Red Snapper. The fish was prepared without much seasoning, so I was able to really appreciate its mild freshness and flavor. Drizzled around the plate was paprika coulis, a smooth red-orange sauce that paired with all of the other components very well. Tomato confit (slow-clooked tomatoes that were delicious and tender) and swiss chard made a tasty bed for the snapper. When my meal first arrived I was afraid Can Can had mistakenly substituted my chickpea polenta. I thought the golden brown square on my plate was tofu, but when I broke off a piece, it was yellow and luscious on the inside. Slightly spicy and buttery, the polenta turned out to be my favorite part of the dish.

Can Can hasn't really changed its dessert menu since it opened, but I still haven't gotten my hands on the chocolate mousse. I'm dying to try it, so hopefully next time I won't be too full for dessert.

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Lyndsey said...

I have been craving Can Can brunch - I can only imagine what would happen if I ate dinner there as well. I think we need to schedule a Maddy/Lyndsey (and Travis/Davy) Richmond food extravaganza sometime. Everytime we visit you, we try a new place that I want to go back to!!