Wednesday, July 25, 2012

CSA Takeaway - Week 12

Can you guess what's in the bowl pictured to the left? I'll give you a hint - there are two types of tomatoes and a more traditional fruit (which we did not get in our share). In addition to the two types of tomatoes shown, we also got yellow cherry tomatoes called Snow White, basil, carrots, and sweet bell peppers. I passed corn and a canary melon off to Josh and Caitlin since I'd just bought six ears of corn at Ellwood Thompson's.

Amy had cartons of healthy-looking Padron peppers, which I've eaten at both Secco and Boqueria, and she was generous enough to give me after she saw me eyeing them. I can't wait to try blistering them in olive oil and enjoying them in the comforts of my own home.

In case you're still reading, this is what's in the photo above: yellow plum tomatoes (Golden Rave variety), pink heirloom tomatoes, and nectarines. I couldn't get over how similar the nectarines look to the pink heirlooms!

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