Friday, April 27, 2012

Tapas in NYC

A couple weeks ago, I celebrated the approaching marriage of one of my favorite people. Not only did we experience all of the ups and downs of college together, she has impeccable taste in food, and we've shared many great meals together over the eleven years that we've known each other.

It was only fitting that one of the highlights of Sarah's bachelorette weekend in New York City was a long, delicious dinner at a cozy Spanish tapas restaurant. The back corner booth at Boqueria Flatiron was the perfect setting for our festivities, and the service was fantastic. 

We all ordered a $40 fixed price menu, which was ultimately eleven or twelve courses, and all were beautifully presented. There were roasted padrones or shishito peppers (one of my favorites), asparagus with romesco sauce, dates stuffed with cheese and an almond and wrapped in bacon, sauteed spinach with chickpeas and raisins, patatas bravas, mushroom and ham croquettes, and crispy potatoes with a poached egg and ham on top. Everything was flavorful and seemed to be somewhat authentic.

I took a photo of the fried quail eggs and chorizo on toast, shown below, because they were so vibrant in both appearance and taste. Our server and the kitchen were extremely attentive to the vegetarian in our group. Her quail egg was complemented by a roasted red pepper instead of chorizo, and marked with a sprinkling of herbs.

Well into the meal, we thought we were almost finished, and then a plate with two golden soft shell crabs was delivered to our table. They were light, crispy, and tasted incredibly fresh.

Thinking that that had to be our final course, we were even more shocked at the arrival of a large dish of paella. Despite the fact that I was close to stuffed, I couldn't pass up the fragrant rice and abundance of seafood staring me in the face. The vegetarian plate with this course was a healthy wedge of Tortilla Espanola, along with an assortment of olives and cheese.

Dessert was also notable: two flans and two sets of churros with warm chocolate for dipping. I may or may not have participated in finishing the chocolate with a spoon.

Eating shared plates or family style with a group always generates conversation, and is a great way for people to get to know each other. It's also a fitting way to honor a close friend, which we certainly did at Boqueria. 

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Sarah said...

Aww I love this post! That was a dinner, and weekend, to remember :)