Monday, January 16, 2012

Weak Brunch at Stronghill

Brunch "appetizers" are one of my very favorite things to order at a restaurant.  They're usually ready quickly, and can stave off a worsening hangover or just rescue you from overeating and feeling sick afterwards.  They can also solve the sweet/savory debate I tend to go through every time I'm getting ready to order brunch.  

When I read that Stronghill has Monkey Bread on the menu, I couldn't wait to try it.  I'd experienced Monkey Bread as a brunch starter a few years ago, on a cold Saturday in Philadephia, and have been seeking it out ever since.  I was so intent on having it that I dragged Davy and a few friends with me to the restaurant on Sunday afternoon.  

Stronghill has high ceilings, an impressive chandelier, and a welcoming atmosphere.  Unfortunately, most of its positive attributes end there.  Our server was unevenly attentive.  She took awhile to take our order, didn't mention the specials and forgot a few minor things.  She refilled coffee regularly, but didn't provide a spoon with my tea, and didn't check our water.  The water for my tea wasn't very hot, even though it arrived in a cute pot settled into the mug underneath.

The Monkey Bread was a disappointment.  It wasn't very warm, and while it did have a healthy amount of cinnamon flavor, the texture was on the crumbly side; the balls of dough really would have benefited from a glaze. 

My main dish was an omelet with goat cheese, onions, and peppers.  I took a peek inside and couldn't detect any vegetation aside from a sprinkling of minced, sauteed onions.  There was plenty of goat cheese, and as much as I love cheese, the omelet needed more of a balance between its vegetables and dairy.  

Unfortunately I won't be returning to Stronghill for brunch anytime soon, and while I'll have to eat at venues without Monkey Bread, I'd rather just make it myself and get it exactly right.

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