Thursday, January 12, 2012

NYC Highlights

Last weekend I took a trip to NYC for a good friend's bachelorette party.  Aside from being tons of fun, she and her fiance have a deep appreciation for food, and I always eat well with them.  

The night before the festivities officially began, we ate pho and visited Ayza, a wine and chocolate bar.  Below is the spread of chocolates our table ordered, and I sampled all except the Lovebug (in the bottom left corner) because it's white chocolate with a key lime filling.  My favorite, without question, was the "King Tut."  The two pieces on our board are the only two in wrappers, and I'm happy the picture captured the shape of the chocolate.  The  "King Tuts" were filled with gianduja, the glorious combination of chocolate and hazelnut.

Our activities for the bachelorette party included a stop at Eataly, which was overwhelming in the most wonderful way.  Fortunately, after a bit of browsing, we scored a table in the middle of the establishment and selected a variety of food to nibble on while sipping some wine.  Fresh mozzarella, olives, a variety of cheeses and meats, razor clams, roasted calamari, and an endless supply of bread were almost too much for us to handle, but we left feeling sated and very happy.

We experienced our fair share of alcoholic indulgence, of course, and stopped at the scandalous Museum of Sex to try a cocktail from OralFix, the Aphrodisiac Bar in the museum's dungeon-like basement.  Most of us tried the "Hot Sex in the City," pictured below, which was made with "X-rated liqueur," Combier, lime juice, and jalapeno-infused vodka.  The drink was pleasantly tart and sweet, with the appropriate amount of spiciness.

I can't speak to the museum itself, because we didn't have the chance to tour it, but if you're in need of a treat, cocktail, or an edible oral fix, any of these venues are worth a try.

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