Tuesday, July 12, 2011

4th of July Pig

On July 3, 2011, I had the privilege of eating the best pork ever.  Our good friend Keith totally outdid himself at this year's Fourth of July party (hosted by our friend Tex) and roasted a whole pig.  He ordered the 109 pound animal from Belmont Butchery, borrowed a giant grill on which to cook it, and made a pot of his own delicious, vinegar-based sauce with which to baste it for hours.  

Keith, Davy, Tex, and a few other helpers oversaw the beginning of the process at 5:30 AM.  The pig went on the grill around 6:15, was flipped once, and took about nine hours until it was ready for mass consumption.  I say mass consumption because at 109 pounds, there was more than enough for everyone, and we were able to enjoy the leftovers for days.    

Everyone was sufficiently appreciative of Keith's efforts, and  I can honestly say that the pieces of meat I pulled off the carcass were incredible.  The sauce gave it just the right spicy flavor, and it had a succulent texture that can only be achieved by cooking something whole.  Below are pictures taken by the party host and a few other attendees (Clay, Davy, Keith, and Caitlin) - I was too busy stuffing my face to be bothered by my camera.

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