Thursday, March 10, 2011

I Keep My Camera in the Kitchen

This week I made a scrumptious Greek-style roast chicken with potatoes from this recipe on Big Girls Small Kitchen.  I was happy with the chicken, but the potatoes are really the best part of this dish.  Since everything is baked together, the potatoes absorb the delicious chicken juices and taste much better than they ever could tossed in olive oil.  I highly recommend trying this because it's simple and can be reincarnated into several chicken sandwiches and delicious stock, along with very appealing leftovers.

I must be trying to fit in some comfort food before the weather gets warmer for good, because I also had to try this baked spinach as soon as I saw it.  If you enjoy shopping at Costco, this is a great use for one of the giant bags they sell.  I used my freshly made chicken stock, a smaller amount of butter than called for, and a scant amount of Gruyere, and the spinach was still completely satisfying.  The breadcrumbs and cheese form a beautiful, crunchy top, and the spinach itself tastes velvety and rich.  We ate ours with a fried egg and garlic toast, and it's as good as it looks. 


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