Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mega Meatball Pizza

One of the things I like about Rachael Ray's recipes is that they're simple enough to allow substitutions and minor changes. Her "Mega Meatball Pizza," for example, is made of store bought pizza dough and an easy, meaty topping. (Pizza dough is convenient to make from scratch because it's cheap and doesn't require much attention. After you mix the ingredients, all you have to do is let it rise.)

To make Rachael Ray's pizza, I used homemade pizza dough, sprinkled it with rosemary like she said, and baked it. I followed her instructions for the meat and tomato paste mixture but I opted for ground turkey instead of sirloin. In addition, I added some spinach at the very end, and used fresh mozzarella instead of shredded. The recipe made a generous six servings (it said it would serve four), and the last time I did it I made three little pizzas and froze the other two before baking them again. I think Rachael would be proud...even though she might not recognize the recipe.


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