Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mac and Cheese Please

It's not often that I come back from work with the desire or motivation to go out for food. Last weekend was an exception, although it may be the only venture of its type. Due to its proximity and a lack of options, I decided to go to the Galaxy Diner for a quick bite. The diner isn't always my first choice but it's consistent, and they have excellent macaroni and cheese.

Macaroni and cheese is one of those foods I've loved since I was a kid (especially my mom's homemade version). I remember having boxed Kraft for dinner as a treat when baby-sitters came over, and being thrilled when I went over to friends' houses and their moms were serving mac and cheese. However, it wasn't until last year that my appreciation for it fully developed. My roommate was completely obsessed with Velveeta shells and cheese, Kraft, and a bunch of other brands and varieties. She ate it at a few times a week, and it's because of her that I have cravings for elbow shaped pasta with creamy, cheesy sauce.

On this particular night I had forgotten about the diner's mac and cheese (occasionally it's my main goal when I go to Galaxy), but there were bowls and bowls of it in the pickup window when I walked by. The aroma was much too tempting and I knew what I wanted before I sat down. I ordered a Philly steak (being from Pennsylvania I should have realized this was a huge mistake) and double mac and cheese.

Everything was fine until the waiter came back to say that they were out of my much desired side dish. Crushed, I ordered fries and cucumber salad, and brooded over my loss. It wouldn't have been so terrible except that this was not my first experience at Galaxy with depleted mac and cheese. In fact, I think I've only managed to attain it two or three times out of multiple visits. To make matters worse, my plate arrived with cucumber salad and stewed tomatoes. Yuck. Our server said he could change it, but I'd had enough at that point. I ate my sub (which wasn't too bad considering) and left as soon as possible. Next time I'll just have to make my own, or rely on Kraft, which is always there when I need it.

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Anonymous said...

Fries and cucumber salad could never be a reasonable substitute for a good(?) Mac 'n Cheese. You got ripped off BIG time!