Monday, May 29, 2006

Late Night Eating

Contrary to the opening statement of my Mac and Cheese entry, I went out for food both Friday and Saturday after work this weekend. The first venture, at the Galaxy Diner, was successful as I was finally able to order a double portion of macaroni and cheese. It was worth the wait. They don't use the most flavorful cheese, but it is well proportioned with the noodles, has a creamy consistency, and is ready in less time than it would take me to go to Kroger for Kraft.

For dessert I had fried oreos. They sound a little odd, but think about it for a minute...there are four warm, chocolatey oreos with fried batter around them, and the soft cream in the middle of the cookie sandwich melts into the chocolate wafers. They're even served with ice cream and chocolate syrup, so you get the hot/cold effect that makes some desserts absolutely wonderful.

The second late night outing was to Joe's Inn (it's open until 2, which is very convenient). We sat in the room by the bar, which wasn't loud or smoky. Plus, the waitress was pleasant and helpful, so I didn't feel like I was imposing on anyone like I do sometimes at the diner. I ordered a cup of vegetable soup to start, which was homemade, and chicken fingers with marinara sauce. Joe's Inn is well known for its mountainous spaghetti entrees, which I have yet to try, but the marinara sauce was surprisingly flavorful and chunky. The chicken fingers were great too - crispy and juicy and tender all at the same time. The Galaxy Diner may be closer to my apartment, but Joe's Inn is slowly becoming my favorite eatery for any time of the day.

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