Thursday, October 11, 2012


Growing up, my mom always made my brother and me feel extra special around our birthdays. Partly because all of her family members were late getting us cards and gifts, and partly because it made the celebration that much more fun, we had a "birthday month" surrounding the actual day. This involved the aforementioned delayed gifts and cards, special dinners, and treats scattered throughout the month. I made a point of carrying that tradition through college and into my life with Davy, and happily acknowledge all of my friends' birthday months as well.

Now that my wedding anniversary falls six days before my birthday, there's another reason to love October, and this year in particular, it's been especially wonderful. Below are pictures of some of the many highlights I've already experienced so far this month, and I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of it.

Baby Paige, my 11-month-old soulmate, who loves dinnertime as much as her mom and I do

Veramar Vineyard, a winery Davy and I visited during a weekend trip to Berryville, VA in honor of our anniversary

Fantastic anniversary dinner prepared by my husband: grilled halibut, grilled potatoes, and this delicious arugula and radish salad that I can't wait to make again

anniversary gift label (by Davy)

Costco cake to end one of my most favorite meals ever - a surprise birthday dinner at Accanto

birthday dinner at home: fresh fettuccine with local spicy Italian sausage, ricotta, and CSA broccoli raab

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Tejas said...

Happy Birthday/Anniversary Month Maddy! You definitely deserve all this goodness as you provide goodness to so many throughout the year. Cheers!!