Thursday, June 07, 2012

Dinner at Lunch

I was going to try to wait until next week, when I'm having a sandwich delivered, to post about Lunch, a new eatery in Scott's Addition, but I just looked at this picture of my meal again, drooled a little, and wanted to share a little bit about it. 

My cod "crowned with tomatoes" and served with mashed potatoes and a garnish of corn and soybeans was visually appealing, tasted wonderful, and was offered at the reasonable price of $12. In fact, the priciest item on the menu, a filet, was only $14. 

We managed to sneak in a few drinks before the end of happy hour, which meant our beverages ranged from $2.00 to $3.50. Davy and our friend, Leslie, both ordered the "Loaded Chicken," a chicken breast stuffed with pork, wrapped in bacon, and smothered in cheese and barbecue sauce. To soak it all up, the chicken is also balanced on a pile of mashed potatoes. 

None of us could think about dessert, a brownie a la mode, but considering how much we liked our meals, I'm sure it would have been just as flavorful and indulgent. 

With its cheery exterior and friendly service, not to mention the flexible breakfast hours (breakfast food is served every day until 3!), I know I'm going to make a point of trying every meal - including brunch - at Lunch. One down, three to go!

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