Friday, March 30, 2012

Super Bowl

It seems I'm a little behind in my posting. The photos below were taken at our Super Bowl gathering, which was almost two months ago! 

We had a make-your-own-sub spread that included prosciutto and salami from Belmont Butchery, and homemade pickled peppers and tomatoes courtesy of Davy's culinarily gifted cousin, Meredith.  They added a welcome pop of flavor and freshness to our sandwiches.

It wouldn't be Super Bowl Sunday without Davy's creative pigs in a blanket.  This year he completely outdid himself by pressing chopped bacon into the crescent roll dough to accent the rest of the fillings: sliced jalapenos, shredded cheese, and the required "Lit'l Smokies."  See for yourself:

My weaknesses are many when it comes to dessert, but one of the most dominant is for spicy and/or cinnamon chocolate. I bought myself a fancy spicy brownie mix that was on sale at Crate & Barrel, and after catching a segment of "Giada at Home," decided to add chocolate buttercream frosting to the finished product. The tops are sprinkled with a blend of cinnamon, cayenne pepper, and cocoa that came with the brownie mix.  It may be a bad precedent to set, but I would love to spread buttercream frosting on all of my brownies from now on, spicy or not.   

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