Thursday, June 02, 2011

The Best Vanilla Frosting

Normally I stick to chocolate or cream cheese frosting when I bake a cake, but I had some vanilla beans I've been meaning to use, and needed to make a birthday cake for Shannon.  This recipe has been neglected in my recipe folder for way too long, and I'm going to have to make it again and again to make up for last time.  It's simple, but a little bit more elegant than regular frosting because of the vanilla bean specks.  I used it to top a chocolate loaf cake, which is another recipe I'm going to hold on to.  They're wonderful together, but could easily be a success paired with other cakes or frostings.    

And if you ever need to bake a cake shaped like a car, just give me a call.

Happy Birthday, Shannon!!!


shalentz said...

The best car cake yet! Thank you for such a delicious dessert.

Madelaine said...

You're very welcome!