Wednesday, May 19, 2010


The take away was slightly different than what we originally expected.  We didn't get any mustard greens, but we did get a head of lettuce, broccoli raab and Tokyo bekana, which is a tender Asian green that looks like a paler version of romaine lettuce.  Below are pictures of the gorgeous strawberries, lettuce, and chopped broccoli raab that I blanched to use for a birthday lasagna next week.  The first round is bigger than normal, and all of the produce looks great!


shalentz said...

Did someone say birthday lasagna?! Everything looks yummy! YEAAA for CSA!

The Local Plate said...

Hi Madelaine, what CSA do you belong to? BTW, those strawberries look amazing!

Madelaine said...

Hi! I belong to Fertile Crescent Farm's CSA...this is the third year I've done it with them, and I've been really happy with their produce. The strawberries were amazing!