Tuesday, August 18, 2009

CSA Week 10

The title of this post isn't completely accurate, because we kept the full share for Week 10 and were out of town for Week 11. I managed to make a cucumber and tomato salad that lasted for a few days, and Davy and I showed off our stuffed, baked zucchini at a cookout.

A couple weeks ago I watched Rachael Ray make a Mexican lasagna with tomatillo sauce, and located the recipe for Thursday night's dinner. I lightened the components of the dish and changed the amounts to accommodate the number of tomatillos I had on hand (nine). Instead of ground pork and hominy, I used ground turkey and fresh corn. My version was about two-thirds or three quarters of the original recipe, and after three meals there was still plenty of lasagna to go in the freezer. The picture below doesn't quite do it justice, but it's enough to get an idea.

I have a few other food photos from past weeks to share: purple and yellow potatoes before going into the oven to roast, peppers and onions being sauteed, and some crisp green and yellow beans. Enjoy!

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