Thursday, June 11, 2009

CSA Week 4

Last Wednesday I rediscovered an ingredient that always makes me more excited about salad. Feta cheese just tastes like summer, and I tend to forget about it for awhile so that it's always exciting when I buy it again. Cucumber and pine nuts rounded out a delicious salad that I ate last week. Davy used the rest of the salad mix for lunch with leftover boneless wings.

We ordered a pizza from Arianna's after kickball on Wednesday despite planning to make a stiry fry with our pak choi. As a compromise, I sauteed the greens with sesame oil, garlic, and soy sauce to eat with our pepperoni and spinach slices.

On Thursday I finished the cous cous, feta and squash dish for lunch, and ate the rest of the pizza for dinner.

Keeping with the half homemade/half takeout idea from the night before, I found a recipe for braised kale that rekindled my enthusiasm for eating leafy greens. It's a very easy method that can be adapted to different amounts and types of greens, and I used it again Saturday night with collard and mustard greens. The only change I made was omitting the garlic (we were out of it the first time and I opted to leave it out the second time). I used a yellow onion on Thursday, and the baby leeks on Saturday. Both worked very well to flavor the dish without overwhelming any of the other tastes.

I incorporated the Swiss chard into Shannon's birthday lasagna. It was only enough for one layer, but it certainly contributed to the meal. I sauteed the rest of the yellow onion in olive oil, and kept the chard on the heat for a very short time, just to wilt it. I've eaten the lasgana once so far since Saturday, and there are still a few pieces remaining to look forward to.

The turnips, potatoes, and squash were still in my refrigerator when the next share arrived, but they are less perishable. If all else fails, I can always turn to the new block of feta in my cheese drawer for inspiration.

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